Little Corner SchoolHouse Pre-K New Location In Brookline MA

Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Pre-K New Location In Brookline MA


We are happy to  that our new Pre-Kindergarten location is now open and in session. We moved our Pre-K class from 127 Harvard Street to 87 School Street Brookline. The location is next to the Pierce School and the Brookline library.

On our first day of 2017 Pre-K class our amazing Executive Director Ina Brother Surprised all our students with an amazing homemade pancakes.

Pancakes Times!! #lcsh #littlecornerschoolhouse #brookline #needham #prek #preschool #toddler #infant

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Give us a call to schedule today to schedule your tour for the month of October.

Little Corner SchoolHouse 87 School Street Brookline Massachusetts, Tel: 617-244-1877 website:

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Police Officer Saves Child’s Live In Texas (Needham, MA)

On October 12, 2016 at 6:59 p.m. Hood County 9-1-1 received a call from a father whose 3-year-old son is not breathing. Officer Miller performed CPR on the unresponsive child and revived him.

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham (Child Care Center In Needham, MA)

430 Hunnewell Street

Needham, MA 02494

Tel: 617-244-1877


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Little Corner SchoolHouse, Needham MA
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Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham
Little Corner SchoolHouse Child Care Needham

Wound Care Market Worth 20.4 Billion USD by 2021

Wound Care Market Worth 20.4 Billion USD by 2021


PUNE, India, May 31, 2016 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) — PUNE, India, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

According to a new market research report “Wound Care Market by Product (Advanced (Foam, Alginate, NPWT, Active), Surgical, Traditional), Wound Type (Chronic (DFU, Pressure Ulcer), Acute (Burn)), End User (Hospital (Inpatient, Outpatient), Long-Term Care, Home Healthcare) – Global Forecast to 2021”, published by MarketsandMarkets, The global market is expected to reach USD 20.4 Billion by 2021 from USD 17.0 Billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2016 to 2021.

Browse 380 market data Tables and 48 Figures spread through 301 Pages and in-depth TOC on “Wound Care Market”


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Are You Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Pump Rental Companies?


CollPlant Receives Chief Scientist’s Authorization for a NIS 12 Million Research and Development Projects with Funding of Approximately 50%

CollPlant Receives Chief Scientist’s Authorization for a NIS 12 Million Research and Development Projects with Funding of Approximately 50%

NESS ZIONA, Israel, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CollPlant Ltd. (TASE: CLPT), a regenerative medicine company utilizing its proprietary plant-based rhCollagen technology for tissue repair products – announces that it has received authorization from the Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, for funding approximately 50% of its NIS 12 million development project for 2016. The Chief Scientist’s grant amount to NIS 5.6 million, measurably higher than last year’s authorized grant, which totaled NIS 4.7 million.

The development programs for which the funding was authorized include human collagen-based medical products leveraging CollPlant’s technology. Of note, the Chief Scientist authorized the support of development of collagen and cell-based formulations intended for use as BioInk for 3D printing of tissues and organs. Also receiving Chief Scientist funding is a product to treat tears in tendons and ligaments, such as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee joint. The development plans authorized by the Chief Scientist also include support for the completion of the development process of VergenixSTR, a product to heal tendons inflammation, and other products.

Read More

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Do You Need A Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump Rental Company?

Ethicon, 3M, Covidien and Various Local Manufacturers Compete in Growing Indian Wound and Tissue Management Market by Idataresearch

Ethicon, 3M, Covidien and Various Local Manufacturers Compete in Growing Indian Wound and Tissue Management Market

In 2015, the Tissue Sealant Market Exhibited the Highest Growth Rates in India; This Market Includes Fibrin, Protein-Based and Synthetic Tissue Sealants From Ethicon, Baxter and Reliance Life Science

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – March 31, 2016) – According to a new series of reports on the Indian market for wound and tissue management by iData Research (, India has been rapidly adopting more advanced technologies for wound care. As surgeons and hospitals become aware of the increased benefits and long-term cost savings associated with anti-adhesion and tissue sealant products, the adoption rates will rise. Each of the advanced dressing markets is expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period. As a result, these markets will represent a larger proportion of the total wound management market by 2022.

In contrast, traditional wound care techniques and many other wound closure devices are very well-known to healthcare professionals in India. Increasing numbers of laparoscopic procedures has resulted in growing demand for the premium-priced endoscopic staplers, which has significantly contributed to the growth of the wound closure market. These products are generally less expensive than more advanced wound care products, which will contribute to continued customer demand. Therefore wherever possible, traditional dressings are preferred over the expensive moist and antimicrobial dressings, especially since there is no reimbursement for advanced wound dressings in India.


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Pronto Customer Notification Application For NPWT Rental Companies Is Now Live

Pronto Customer Notification Application for NPWT Rental Companies is now LIVE!


Pronto Customer Notification Application final

Pronto is a patented customer notification application for durable medical equipment companies that are currently have NPWT rentals in their inventory portfolio.

Email reminders are the quickest way to connect with your customers, to provide your customer notice, that there are only two wound dressings left in their inventory.

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Equinox Medical announces Pronto Customer Notification Application For NPWT Rental Management


Smithfield, RI, March 22,2016

Equinox Medical Introduces Pronto a Customer Notification Application to Help Bring NPWT Dealers and Their Customers Equinox Medical, LLC, developer of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) foam dressings, NPWT pump systems and NPWT advanced software, announced today that it will officially launch Pronto: Customer Notification Application. Pronto is a software application that was designed to help a NPWT dealer and their customers communicate via email. The automated email software application was created and designed to help bring a new way to communicate with every customer using NPWT products. This refill ordering process is easier and much more efficient. Pronto, will send an email reminder to any customer, who only has 2 foam dressing kits left in their inventory.

Pronto’s Features and Benefits: 
  • Every NPWT dealer will have an accurate invoice and report at the end of each month.
  • All order refills will be automated. Your customers will have 24hr access to their NPWT business.
  • The patients inventory and supplies will be accounted for on a daily, weekly and   monthly basis.
  • Pronto will reduce costly last minute orders, overnight shipping and same day   delivery.
  • Every customer can simply refill an order via email without having to call for a   reorder, saving time  and stress.
Pronto can be used by every clinician and NPWT dealer. It can be accessed via internet thru and encrypted HIPPA compliant server. The application is a proactive approach in providing a high tech communication solution to every NPWT dealer and their customers. Pronto is being offered for a 30 days FREE Trial. For more product information, please visit  Pronto Application or Free Webinar
About EquinoxO2 Medical, LLC Equinoxo2 Medical, LLC, headquartered in Smithfield, RI is a privately held medical device company focused on the development of advanced wound healing technology. Equinox is dedicated to developing and designing innovative wound care products that are cost effective and delivers significant clinical outcomes. Our goal and strategy is to improve a patient’s quality of life. Our passion and dedication is to provide a better solution in repairing and healing the human body. For more information, please visit Media Contact Gary Schear, Vice President of International and USA Sales Telephone: 800-504-3150 Ext 104 Email:
Media Contact
Media Contact
Gary Schear
Vice President of International and USA Sales
Telephone: 800-504-3150 Ext 104


Equinox Medical Latest “NPWT Black Foam Wound Dressing Clinical Webinar” By Holly Desimone, RN, BSN, WCC

Equinox Medical Latest “NPWT Black Foam Wound Dressing Clinical Webinar” By Holly Desimone, RN, BSN, WCC



Back On January 28, 2016 held a free clinical webinar on “NPWT Black Foam Wound Dressing Standard Application” hosted by Holly Desimone, RN, BSN, WCC.

Discussed what its inside the Equinox Medical  negative pressure wound therapy black foam wound dressing kits.

What is inside the UNI NPWT Wound Dressing Kit?

  1. Hydrophobic Black foam wound dressing
  2. UNI NPWT Drape
  3. UNI NPWT Dome Pad (suction dome)
  4. UNI Adapter

What tools you need before placing the wound dressing?

  • Pair of sharp scissors
  • Skin Prep
  • Oil Emulsion
  • Saline Bullets
  • Ruler (to measure the wound)


Video Transcript Below:

from a company I’m clinical
anybody else on I see a 570 and I was wondering who I was talking to a couple
of contraindications negative pressure in the past I’ve used it yes ok so we’ll
just sort of fly through this I always tell people know ask our present when
the sloth level of course have always preferred that it be depleted out but
maybe if you had like 5 or 10% of sale of you could put negative pressure on
you could still get that automatic debridement of course you don’t ever
want to use it over pacemaker where a malignancy was actually present have
been in any way surgically take it out we just don’t want to put anything
doctrinaire untreated osteo of course explores blood vessels nerves and
Oregon’s anything like that but I always say is just use really really extreme
caution when the leading shoes anti-coagulant a lot of people you are
on come within happen and they still going negative pressure
if there’s a type of bleeding warnings or anything like that
let me know don’t let me know but definitely sort of walk away from it if
the person had a shot to believe me I know sometimes the doctors like to put
it on but I always sort of say I I still feel like I was like a 24 hour ago
against doctors orders but sometimes I have in the past call the doctors and
just asked unexplored official is once you know where the official is going in
the physician can make a decision and always read all the book any negative
pressure or just go through the book make sure you really know what you doing
with the negative pressure on and how to properly use the machine but you’d be
surprised some of the calls I got people really you may know it very well but
some people really are on here so different ones that are sort of
appropriate and of course this is not i mean every situation but these are just
some things that they’ve been used in the past when should you see him all the
sort of had to have to figure out what made one chronic and then a lot of times
the negative pressure has been known
stimulate and every once in a while so kick start that once again I material
most of the time you’ll see that has to be protected
something in the air to protect if there’s attention exposed or anything
times a good opportunity is to put in something like and diabetic ulcers
pressure ulcers stage two three four and then of course you’ll also see them use
with grass as well and sometimes you’ll see them run at a lower setting it was
natural growth graft by Patricia I saw that you joined in
just by Patricia I did see that you joined in
Patricia can you hear me
ok so far anyway we’ll just keep going and maybe Patricia maybe you can write
me a note or something to let me know that you can hear me quickly I’m going
to educate you on the basics contraindications techniques and things
like that and then this is my email here so if by any chance you want any
information from me you can email me here and there are other opportunities
to do clinical education says well okay so here’s the kid ok and like I said
this is the unique platform dressing kit is completely sterile so when you get
everything pretty much everything inside that you’re going to need you need a few
extra things but this is what comes inside the kit you have no one to three
drape it is very easy to use
you’ll have your black foam and it will depend in large depending on what you
need at that time here is your don’t and it’s basically like
starting really good with extra I can try to assess the one that I think this
is the biggest thing that I always say anything you want to say this is where
you really want to know your mornings and contraindications is appropriate
so we’re going to be doing this weekend today and I have gotten a few calls in
the past about well why would you put the dome on this carrier because should
be bridge but this is not a bridging video so when I do is I do put it here
just for the safe I don’t have a lot of opportunities on the moon but I do have
other ones that would actually create bridges between and as she conceived
technically this would not be appropriate because here we have our
black US car so we definitely would not want to put up signs all over that on
here we have some potential of osteo has a whole bunch of stuff but again I’m
using this is a sample so just so you know I’m just gonna do very well and it
is important to irrigate I I know some nurses will just like poor little in but
especially when using the black phone there’s the potential telling small
particles and if the small particles in the air sometimes they sorta get
mistaken as tissue things like that so just know that we’re measuring the wound
and you’re probably gonna want to document that again for your fertility
protocol most likely every week so here we can prob around the edges of the just
as a barrier there is an on Steam version takes a little bit longer to dry
but I think the patients appreciate it you may also decide to protect this area
further with either so uptight song during whatever your facility protocol
is for window pane e ok so this is not put this in here and just so you have it
does not comment to get this is contact but because I do have a bone I want to
make sure I protect that area and this is one thing that you can use
I’m used that protect exposed bone it also helps in to utilize it to prevent
any type of sticking to the water bad this is an there’s a few different file
motions requests I think this one is like an Adaptec or something you just
don’t want to use one with us
oil based I think if you’ve ever used in their song that very thick oil that
would not be appropriate to use and of course you need a doctor’s order to be
able to put this and and the only other thing an ad about the real emotions just
be careful to avoid it does sort of disappear on the wound bed and blend in
so you just want to make sure whatever goes and comes back out
so this is the white phone the hydrophilic phone the difference the
black phone is hydrophobic it does not like water so that’s why everything
passes through very well it also doesn’t contain it doesn’t get soft up white
foam actually likes moisture on it’s a great thing
undermining tunneling
may be protecting an area there’s more sensitive if you do a problem with the
wind really sticking or something like that maybe putting this down again
need a physician’s order to add this but this phone has sort of a higher tensile
strength so it makes it a really good option for you know protecting those
undermining in the tunnel yet we can’t really see him so I you just always and
I think I have a picture of it
ok I’m going to cut this is the reason I’m doing this is all my room to help
them undermining so I want to cut the white phone away from my bed so I know
fibers but we’ll see the white film is great you don’t get many fibers at all
now I’m gonna police into the wound bad gently and as you can see undermining
somewhere up like that so this is in they have you can see that’s quite a
long tail have left and I like really big tails on things because I want to
make sure that in no way could this get lost
platform I’m gonna get fantastic parish says hers because sometimes when I’m
gonna wanna do is I might have to fillet a fish and make the DEP more shallow for
example even on this one I have to sort of come down a little on one side
because it’s just that it’s just too much phone
so I cut my black foam to fit my bed again away from away from my warm bed
soon or fragments go in and then place it in and you’ll see here just as
exaggerated example I made sure they came up higher because it compresses
down I wanted to compress almost level I don’t want it to be like a holla when
you work with this one but it really impresses down really well so you might
see a little bit hollow leader now I wait for me in my black home in
everybody does things different people cut their whole after a place here to
read what I like to do is determine where I want my hole to be on my great
figure how much I can cut away like I don’t have that much on my mind you know
my margins doubling wanna be out of here so I get a nice good seal but this help
me determine they can cut the hole right here I what I do is I actually caught us
so I feel like a little nickel size allowed and that way represent prevents
any ripping my hole is nice and round it’s not a slip sometimes you get when
you lift the trade when you go to do it and then later you end up with a nice
little and then I want to make sure that my whole line over the center of my
phone for best results
love the Strip District was created definitely with a nurse in mind
energy of you guys that a listen I think there was somebody else joins us well
anybody listening the nightmares of draped with gloves this is not a
nightmare treat this is fantastic i’m able to hold here
great number one thing I can flip it over her position at some holes in the
middle and then very lightly go around and just make sure that I’m in here down
I don’t press my black home I just sitting around and want some I’ll put
like a little tiny be your something where maybe I have to follow the career
since it’s important to do that so here again I’m just doing everything very
gently on sealing edges i dont wanna pull on the tree I don’t a lot of times
that’s nothing keeping a treat to talk not a good thing because then the soon
as the patient gets up and you end up having buckles and it starts to cum alot
of the skin and that’s not what it really needs to follow those body curves
so that doesn’t happen now I’m just removing great number two and as you can
see I lift up the side and a call from the bottom so if you’re not used to that
type of a dream that’s where that is that little clout is underneath
and then I just press that down gently and neatly and follow my body
contractors and then I’m able to pull off that pollute out at the end
ok so this is number three what you can do is you gonna hold this blue tab here
and as you can see there’s little straight edge just grab this raided
edged up number three nothing sixty hymns is no issues at all and no
struggling with the removal of the top three and then you can pull off your
caps I was a little too quick on that but they pull up very nicely this is
what you’re left with it as you can see if the patient was to get up this one
bottle because I just made this will be here to make it a little bit easier
alright here’s a little video and this is how you do the new domes
is extremely user friendly as you can tell and then House pl to you can see
the Astros are going this way and then appealed to on this side of the arrows
coming this way and then just a number three that’s just don’t hold in tier so
what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be lining up are doing with the whole
that we’ve gotten a transparent tree do that by just he’s only number 11 have
number one can see you gonna do it with just started where actual beings gonna
come out I’m gonna make sure the holes are completely lined up so that we don’t
end up having any blockages and we’re very gently to spin around edges then
we’re gonna grab your number two you can tell you it’s just left and thats and
these are number three that while this is his last year
take another crucial can now are to be connected to canister and turn it on
going to check the doctor’s orders what he actually quite a few millimeters of
mercury just to doublecheck gonna turn it on and you’re gonna be good to go
and very very good meaning nurses because what we want is once this is
done and it’s taking awhile God knows that sometimes you want to keep it on so
people will put transparent trip began over this whole area and that actually
causes like an airlock within it needs a transmission oxygen to some degree so
and alarming later on I might take a little while but you want to belong so
we don’t want to cover the stone had we might have to put some extra things like
that just two extra protective
that done we’ve connected to the canister and we compress picture was
taken but it’s all compressed and then here you can do all different things I
just happen to have a little piece of extra weight foam so I cut a little
tunnel I’ll because this patient happen to have very very bad skin integrity and
we’re worried about the tubing so there was an idea or you can do all different
things I then created like little Chevron or something
taped the tubing down is that some point you don’t want this to be pulling up and
then pulling this pop up because although it won’t completely break seal
it will cause alarms to go off and drive nurses crazy and I don’t want that to
happen this is just one way another way that way is this is natural Chevron just
putting the Chevron putting it down and making sure everything is completely
healed him up so that again you’re not gonna be sitting here and saying oh my
god this was a very simple basic of course there’s also bridging there is
bridging to offload this bridging two together some reasons you would do Y
port versus a bridge things like that so they come up in other mixed up w
abridging video next month they do want to thank you for joining me today in
what I would love is as people do I put my Holly WCC @ and what my
hope is that people realize these are
you know these I just given for the ability of helping out people so please
look at my other products please call me if you have any other educational hero
and please email me with where you’re from I know I have Taylor patricia is
Caroline today so please email me with you know your thoughts and also where
you’re from things like that so that as I get things like an email you were to
tease and things like that but thank you very much for today I hope you enjoyed
the webinar alright by anybody have any questions
forgot to ask that hollywood you do give me that email address again in fact I
don’t know what about screen doesn’t come off its Holly H O L ly WCC @
20:46 so it’s Holly we don’t care certified initials at and I’ll
also give you my number my number as I think I have a nurse’s on my numbers 40
9301 it’s wonderful people let me know where they’re from there from long-term
key are there you know work with a certain product it’s great to know what
you know and sort of make up a nice little collaboration of nurses so feel
thank you you’re very welcome I hope everybody enjoyed it and my next one
thank you have a great day


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