Little Corner SchoolHouse Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Surprise

Little Corner Schoolhouse Pre-Kindergarten Graduation was last week June 22, 2018

The children were presented with their diplomas, and surprised their parents with an awesome play created by the children and serenaded their parents with a wholehearted and joyful songs accompanied and  conducted by our amazing musical teacher Wayne Potash.

I am a Shy Shark song is now stuck in all our parent’s head and they can all sing along with their children from now on. Thank you Wayne!

The biggest surprised of the day was when everything was all finished, Ina Brother asked all the children to go outside the venue. Once outside, the children were surprised to see an Ice Cream truck waiting for them. All the children screamed for ice cream. All their eye lit up with such joy. One by one the children ask the friendly ice cream a man for their favorite ice cream. All the families were outside the venue eating ice cream and discussing how fast the year has been and how fast their kids are growing up.

We would like to thank Ina Brother, Stephanie Devoe, Monica Verma, Ms. Briesayda, Ms. Mary, and Ms. Ancilla for all their hard work in teaching the kids science, writing, academia and most importantly how to be an awesome human being. They loved and cared for the children like their own and we cannot thank them enough.

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Ina B